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Go to uncover the myths of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the archaeological treasures of Xian, even the bustling Shanghai. This trip will take you the rich remains of Imperial and millenary China, and to the origins of the famous Kung-Fu!

$2305 / per person
10 days / 9 nights

Land of pagodas and gold roofs, Burma has not ceased to amaze us. From the wonderful archaeological site of Bagan and its 2000 temples as far as your eyes can see, to the mysterious Inle lake, through Mandalay and its numerous monasteries and pagodas, Rangoon (Yangon) the capital with colonial charm and the splendid beaches…

$7200 / per person
12 days / 10 nights

Brazil: a land of exception where the Afro-Brazilian culture punctuated by samba and bossa-nova is matched only by the typically wild landscape, its remarkable beaches and its famous carnivals. Land of contrasts, where materialism and mysticism coexist, as well as Christianity and the trances of the gods of Africa.

$1350 / per person
13 days/ 11 nights

Experience the must-see points of South Africa. Enjoy the right balance with different wildlife settings, national parks and the city life of Cape Town, along with stunning landscapes from Table Mountain to the Cape of Good Hope.

$6500 / per person
6 nights

This trip offers you the chance to discover the different facets of South Africa from the Cape Riviera to the animal reserves of the north. Attractions include the famous Garden Route, the hilly landscapes of the Stellenbosch vineyards, the desert expenses of Little Karoo, the amazing Kruger Park animal reserve, and the Victoria Falls in…

$5000 / per person
14 days / 13 nights
$2250 / per person
9 days / 8 nights

Argentina, with its alternately hot and cold climate, is a country of passions and emotions. Find in Buenos Aires, the soul of Evita Peron, admire the landscapes of Salta highlands with their warm colors, smell the fresh air of the blue glaciers in El Calafate before reaching the edge of the world in Ushuaia!

$3750 / per person
11 days/10 nights

This island-continent offers a multitude of exceptional natural attractions throughout its vastness: long beaches of fine sand brimming with surfers, red deserts in Ayers Rock and other aboriginal sites in the northern territories, not to mention Sydney Bay with its spectacular scenery and the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

$8600 / per person
13 days / 12 nights

Krakow: Krakow is a gem of Central Europe. Although not as well-known as Prague, this beautiful Polish city has nothing to envy to the Czech capital. Krakow is the capital of heart of the Polish people. It abounds in churches, museums and palaces exhibiting a formidable range of styles, from Gothic to Baroque. Warsaw: Warsaw…

$1750 / per person
8 days/ 7 nights

Mexico, a reality living up to the imagining. Icons of the ancient world tell the stories of civilizations who left their indelible marks… Boasting astounding sites, ranging from majestic pyramids of « the lost world », Mayan temples to colonial streets and Gold Altar cathedrals… Stunning design, breathtaking natural beauty and rich culture collide to…

$5000 / per person

“Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai’s verdant luscious countryside, rice fields and mountains offer limitless possibilities for nature explorations and many fascinating villages. It is a city in mountainous Northern Thailand, both a natural & cultural destination. Chiang Mai is a playground for seasoned travelers, a paradise for shoppers and a delight for…

$1500 / per person
5 days / 4 nights

Take in the breathtaking sight of wildlife in the heart of Masai Mara territories, lying at the edge of Nakuru Lake and at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Discover the boundless savannahs of Amboseli and the golden shores of the Indian Ocean. Fill your head with numerous images and sensations from an incredible yet balanced combination…

$2180 / per person
6 days / 5 nights