Volver is a travel agency that specializes in made-to-measure and cultural trips. We offer theme-based organized tours in more than 200 destinations across the five continents.
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+961 1 398 577
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Do you have a special or pressing request, a vague desire, or a crazy wish? Perhaps getting an unobtainable concert ticket? Or taking a private jet flight ASAP? Or planning a meal on a spectacular site, like in the middle of Patagonia glaciers or the African bush, or on an idyllic beach?

Thanks to our numerous connections, the Volver team puts at your disposal a luxury concierge service that seeks to answer all your requests.

Staying at an exceptional villa or hotel, taking a luxury yacht cruise, flying in private jet, renting a car with driver or riding your own private car, booking tickets for cultural events, planning quirky VIP events… Volver makes anything possible!

Rely on the total commitment of our expert team. We will create your trips and events, and we will approach your requests in a personal and unique manner, according to your desires and dreams.