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Meet the Tsar’s Gold and live an exceptional experience on the unique and legendary Trans-Siberian train! Explore the magnificent route from Beijing to Moscow aboard the famous private train with its 37 Russian style cabins. Enjoy genuine Mongolia, cross Gobi desert, see breathtaking Lake Baikal, get an insight of Siberia, the Ural Mountains and visit…

$8200 / per person
16 days/ 15 nights

The Swiss Classic Train is unique in the Luxury Train Club; of keen interest to rail fans, it could be the unusual and unexpected gift to train enthusiasts of all ages, perhaps as part of a wider visit to Switzerland's superb rail network."

$1250 / per person
4 days

You are torn between your scare from left hand drive and your craving for Scotland’s castles and landscapes? Take the train and roam from one city to another through the lowlands and grab that Scottish Lifestyle…

$1700 / per person
5 days