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Mexico: Aztec & Maya civilizations

Volver Tours / Mexico: Aztec & Maya civilizations

Mexico: Aztec & Maya civilizations

$5000 per person


Mexico, a reality living up to the imagining.

Icons of the ancient world tell the stories of civilizations who left their indelible marks…

Boasting astounding sites, ranging from majestic pyramids of « the lost world », Mayan temples to colonial streets and Gold Altar cathedrals…

Stunning design, breathtaking natural beauty and rich culture collide to offer you a getaway as exciting as an eye-opener…


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    Mexico: Aztec & Maya civilizations
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Day 1 : Beirut – Mexico
  • Arrival to airport and hotel transfer
  • Night stay in 4 stars Las Alcobas Hotel, Mexico
Day 2 : Mexico
  • Start the day with the visit of the National Museum of Anthropology, largest and most visited museum in Mexico.  Proceed towards Mexico Xochimilco floating gardens with miles of waterways and enjoy lunch on one of its typical flowered colored little boats.
  • Dicover the historical Zocalo main square and historical center, the heart of Mexico, now named Plaza de la Constitucion. Enjoy the intangible culture heritage, the Mariachi with its extravagant music, costumes and performance style in Plaza Garibaldi, known as home to Mariachi’s music. Night stay in 4 stars Las Alcobas Hotel
Day 3 : Mexico – Teotihuacan – Puebla (184km)
  • Start with the visit of the Basilica of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Roman Catholic Church and shrine, one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Catholicism.
  • Proceed to the « City of Gods », Teotihuacan, known for its well-preserved murals, vast avenue of the dead and impressive and massive pyramids, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon.
  • Check the Obsidian galleries, the naturally formed volcanic glass, material culture of past Mesoamerican life.
  • Don’t miss tasting the famous Tequila paired with grilled Octopus, a Mexican specialty.
  • Proceed towards Puebla.
  • Night stay in 4 stars Hotel Purificadora
Day 4 : Puebla
  • Located at the foot of Popocatépetl, Puebla is a city well worth the visit.
  • Famous for its colonial buildings adorned with the painted ceramic tiles, the Rosary Chapel also named the golden temple due to its gold plated leaf glued to its decoration.
  • The church is a few blocks from Zocalo, the main square.
  • Night stay in 4 stars Hotel Purificadora
Day 5 : Puebla – Oaxaca (341 km)
  • Departure towards Oaxaca, crossing the mountain range of Sierra Madre Oriental characterized by a particular Flora and candelabro cactus. Discover the authentic Oaxaca at your leisure.
  • Night stay in 4 stars Hotel Qinta Real Oaxaca
Day 6 : Oaxaca - Tuxtla Gutierrez - San Cristobal de las (by plane)
  • Visit Monte Alban, capital city of the Zapotec civilization and overlooking the valley of Oaxaca.
  • Transfer to the airport for a flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez.
  • Once reached, drive through the highlands and mountains towards the indigenous village of San Juan Chamula.
  • Visit the church of San Juan filled with colorful candles.
  • Night stay at 5 stars Hotel Casa Santa Lucia
Day 7 : San Cristobal de las Casas
  • In the morning, discover the cultural capital of Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas with a Spanish colonial layout. Major landmarks of the city include the Cathedral, the Santo Domingo Church with its large air crafts market.
  • A boat tour of Sumidero Canyon is an essential trip to take. Take a motor boat and enjoy theride through the impressive canyon.
  • Night stay at 5 stars Hotel Casa Santa Lucia
Day 8 : San Cristobal de las Casas - Agua Azul - Palenque (362 km)
  • Start the day with a trip to the Cascadas de Agua Azul with its beautiful cascades of waterfalls.
  • Depending on the weather, you might take a swim in the natural shaped pools and have a delicious lunch composed with fresh grilled fish.
  • Later, take the road towards Palenque.
  • Night stay at the 4 stars Hotel Cabanas Safari.
Day 9 : Palenque - Campeche (300 km)
  • Visit the archaeologocal site of Palenque National Park, the surrounding jungle and wild life.
  • Head to Campeche, the colonial harbor city with baroque Spanich architecture, a UNESCO world heritage site with cobblestone streets and a walled historic district.
  • Night stay in 4 stars Hotel Castellamar Palenque
Day 10 : -Campeche – Uxmal - Mérida (315 km)
  • Start the day with the ancient Maya city Uxmal and its impressive archaeological monuments. Taste the Mexican Pollo Pibil, chicken specialty recipe from the region.
  • Visit Merida, also called « the White City » due to the white painted colonial buildings covered with limestone bricks.
  • Night stay at 4 stars Hotel Hacienda Misne Merida
Day 11 : Merida – Chichen Itza – Tulum (275 km)
  • Visit the sacred site of Chichen Itza and one of the greatest Mayan centers. Several monuments have survived the time such as the Warriors’ temple, El Castillo and El Caracol, the circular observatory.
  • Continue towards Tulum and enjoy the beach at your own leisure.
  • Night stay in 4 stars Ana Y Jose Charming Hotel
Day 12 & 13 : Tulum
Night stays in 4 stars Ana Y Jose Charming Hotel
Day 14 : Tulum – Cancun – Beirut (by plane)
Transfer to airport and return to Beirut
Starting 5000 USD per person (basic 10 persons)

Our price includes:

  • The visit of 5 main archaeological sites names UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient seats of the Aztec and Maya civilizations.
  • Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenque, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Cabo
  • San Cristobal de Las Casas village and Local market
  • Oaxaca, colorful & vibrant town  and Zocalo Waterfalls of Agua Azul
  • Traditional typical folkloric show
  • Tasting of local food and traditional lunches
  • Privade guides
  • All transfers
  • 2 nights’ stay in Cancun or Tulum beachfront resort

Our price does not include:

  • Airport tax
  • Travel Insurance
The best time to visit Mexico are the months of October, November & December