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This trip will take you on an exciting journey to some of the most important gems of Central Europe. The extraordinary history and heritage of Berlin, Dresden, Krakow and Warsaw will no doubt enchant you.

$3000 / per person
9 nights/10 days

Florence proudly showcases the monuments of grandeur from its past, including its infinitely rich palaces, cathedral and museums. It is where the finest sculptors, painters and architects of all time mingled, producing some of the greatest artwork of Europe. Consider Florence as a museum under open skies and discover it in the company of an…

$2200 / per person
4 nights/ 5 days

Head out to Syracuse, Agrigente or Selinonte, historically powerful cities that counted among the main bastions of Hellenism in all its glory, as attested to by Empedocles, Theocritus and Archimedes. The island of Sicily has changed hands from Roman to Byzantine to Arab rule, and then to Norman influence under Frederick II who transformed Palermo…

$3800 / per person
6 nights/7days

Moscow is moving at a frantic pace, with its ultra-trendy boutiques that rub the gorgeous domes of the churches and the austere Stalinist skyscrapers. Ghost capital of a lost empire, Moscow is trying to recover itself: Big-brand boutiques, trendy bars, “fashion” restaurants and jet-set nightlife ... Moscow is now known as “New York of the…

$1000 / per person
4 nights/5 days

Russia's second city, is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. She was born entirely of the Western dream of Tsar Peter the Great in the late seventeenth century, had a horror of the Kremlin in Moscow and was determined to give Russia an opening to the Baltic Sea. Built on the islands…

$1450 / per person
3 nights/5 days

Fascinating and mysterious, Russia retains the cultural heritage of its past with pride. From Moscow's amazing landmarks to the islets of Saint Petersburg, you'll fall in love with this country. Noteworthy as well are the ancient princely cities of the Golden Ring. The rich variety of Russia's cultural heritage will certainly impress art and history…

$3900 / per person

Considered a prestigious intellectual and artistic capital, Vienna has welcomed writers, musicians, painters and architects over the centuries, invited to the court of the Habsburg dynasty, avid protectors of the arts. Fabulous cultural heritage still exists from that time, and art has continued to flourish well into the 20th century with the birth of the…

$2400 / per person
5 nights/6 days

Considered one of the most bustling cities in the world, New York offers an incomparable selection of museums, festivals, concerts, performances and operas. After the Second World War, the city became a pioneer in contemporary art. A series of movements and trends have dotted its history with respect to the arts, including abstract expressionism, performances,…

$4700 / per person
5 nights / 6 days

Today's Berlin is a seductive cultural capital steeped with history, from the heydays of the Prussian courts to the fashionable neighborhoods with art-deco facades. Yet modern Berlin also boasts ultra-modern architecture that dots the city, as well as the Hackesche Hoefe, a heritage site, market and complex of courtyards that will fascinate you. This escapade…

$2300 / per person
4 nights/ 5 days

Small country in the Caucasus, landlocked between Georgia to the North, Turkey to the West, Iran to the South and Azerbaijan to the East, Armenia harbors spectacular mountain landscapes. It is dominated by Mount Ararat Armenia’s national symbol, geographically located in Turkey, with an altitude of 5165 m that can be observed from most parts…

$2000 / per person

We have all dreamed of traveling to Uzbekistan and discover its prestigious cities of the Silk Road. From the majestic domes of the mosques with blue and green shades that dominate the cities, to the markets full of colorful fabrics and spices with sweet aromas, and the warmth and welcomeness of inhabitants, this tour of…

$2100 / per person