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Belgium is a much diversified country. We go there for shopping, visiting museums, eating mussels and fries and enjoying chocolates. Walloon or Flemish, the Belgian land, which is one of the most accessible of all, offers exotic scenery. From town to town, in Thalys trains: some will even go there to enjoy sleepless nights.

$1350 / per person
7 days/ 6 nights
$1640 / per person

Hidden bays and beaches, fields full of citrus groves at the foot of the mountains and fishing villages: the Amalfi coast boasts incomparable charm and privileged places that know how to guard their splendor and simplicity.

$1560 / per person

La route des Vins: Le triangle d'or des vins sud-africains accueille les villes historiques de Stellenbosh, de Paarl, de Franschhoek. La route des Jardins: Le littoral turquoise de l'océan Indien, entre plages de sable blanc et rochers escarpés, entre lagunes et estuaires, entre forêt d'essences précieuses et fleurs sauvages

$3750 / per person
11 days/ 10 nights

Feel festive & Christmassy all winter long! Capture the childhood joy of Christmas and meet Santa Claus, in his hometown upon his return from his trip around the world. Sense the excitement and have a truly magical Christmas!

$2400 / per person

Happy and contemplative, silent and festive, white and gold, the Andalusia multiplies contrasts. Between sea and mountains, amid one of a kind and majestic landscapes, you will discover its entire marvel.

$1300 / per person
8 nights/9 days

Discover the particularly stunning landscape of North of Spain with its jagged-edged rocks, its Atlantic coastal sand beaches, it’s incredibly green forests and interior pasture.

$1550 / per person

Welcome to the top best value destination on the European continent! Prepare to be charmed by a bucolic scenery and year-round sunshine. The Portuguese have perfected the art of cooking. Enjoy the varied flavors of chargrilled fish, salted cod, seafood stews and rice casseroles.  Sip a cup of Porto and listen to Fado, Portugal’s unique…

$1350 / per person
8 days / 7 nights

Not far from Santa's village, the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, is the gateway to great outdoors. Rugged mountains, streams, forests of spruce, lakes ... Under the midnight sun, visit the villages and national parks - offering excellent hiking trails.

$2250 / per person

The Peloponnese is one of those dreamy lands that the Mediterranean offers us as an ode to beauty, and is considered the cradle of Greek mythology. A voyage through this land will take you to exceptional magical sites and landscapes to Mycenae, Epidaurus, Mystras, and Olympia among others. The trip will immerse you in the…

$1600 / per person

Krakow: Krakow is a gem of Central Europe. Although not as well-known as Prague, this beautiful Polish city has nothing to envy to the Czech capital. Krakow is the capital of heart of the Polish people. It abounds in churches, museums and palaces exhibiting a formidable range of styles, from Gothic to Baroque. Warsaw: Warsaw…

$1000 / per person

Hollywood movie stars, joggers and skaters from Venice Beach, sirens of Santa Barbara and surfers of Malibu, not to mention the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and the sprawling megalopolis of Los Angeles ... so many clichés that make you dream. But soon, other cities await you elsewhere: San Diego, Carel, Monterrey ... with all their…

$2700 / per person
8 nights/9 days