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The Seychelles people can boast about possessing one of the most untouched and natural environment in the world. In addition to the luxury of its hotels, abundance of activities or the presence of celebrities, it is this outstanding impression of purity and authenticity that one looks for in the Seychelles. With approximately 115 islands, only…

$3600 / per person
5 days / 4 nights

Are you dreaming of safari, trekking and relaxing on the beach far from mass tourism? Then fly to Tanzania to live a unique experience surrounded by pristine nature. Get to see hippopotamuses, elephants, lions, gnus, gazelles, cheetahs, rhinoceroses, and many other wild animals that live together in a landscape where stunning savannahs, lakes and baobab…

$5900 / per person
9 nights/10 days

The Philippines archipelago welcomes you with beautiful surprises starting at Manila where your trip begins. The capital startles the traveler with its bustling alleys and its congested and traditional sidewalks. The scenery: multicolored jeepneys that seem to come straight from a pop art painting, a profusion of skyscrapers in Makati and Fort Bonifacio, the district…

$8325 / per person
9 days / 8 nights

A tiny speck of land with a mystical pull, Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on earth! A fascinating journey in the South Pacific, it is the ultimate magnetic & mysterious destination.

$6200 / per person
6 nights/7 days

Meet the Tsar’s Gold and live an exceptional experience on the unique and legendary Trans-Siberian train! Explore the magnificent route from Beijing to Moscow aboard the famous private train with its 37 Russian style cabins. Enjoy genuine Mongolia, cross Gobi desert, see breathtaking Lake Baikal, get an insight of Siberia, the Ural Mountains and visit…

$8200 / per person
16 days/ 15 nights