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The luxury Trans-Siberian train

De Pékin à Moscou
Volver Tours / The luxury Trans-Siberian train

The luxury Trans-Siberian train

$8200 per person

Meet the Tsar’s Gold and live an exceptional experience on the unique and legendary Trans-Siberian train!

Explore the magnificent route from Beijing to Moscow aboard the famous private train with its 37 Russian style cabins.

Enjoy genuine Mongolia, cross Gobi desert, see breathtaking Lake Baikal, get an insight of Siberia, the Ural Mountains and visit the most famous cities of Moscow (your city of departure) and Beijing (your city of arrival)

16 days/ 15 nights
  • Destination
  • Included
    The luxury Trans-Siberian train
  • Not Included
    Nuits en hôtel 4*
    Le billet d’avion
    Departure Taxes
    Les taxes d’aéroport
    Personal Guide
Day 1: Moscow (Hotel night stay)
  • Arrival to Moscow, the legendary capital of Russia! 
  • Your guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for check-in. 
  • City tour by night 
  • Visit the illuminated Red Square and 2 of the most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow. 
  • In the evening, enjoy the welcome buffet dinner hosted by your dedicated guides. 
  • Hotel night stay
Day 2: Moscow (Night stay aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • Discover the city most outstanding icons, mainly the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin. 
  • The Kremlin is a historic fortress complex, a symbol of the Russian empire for centuries and houses several cathedrals and places of worship. 
  • Evening departure in the Tsar’s Gold, the Trans-Siberian train
Day 3: Kazan, (Night stay aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • Morning arrival to Kazan, the capital republic of Tatarstan 
  • Take the guided visit of Kazan Kremlin, UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Enjoy the sites and ruins of the tumultuous historical conflicts of the Tatars, the Cossacks and the Russians. 
  • Kazan sites offer a breathtaking view on the Volga River. 
  • Evening spent on board of the trans-Siberian train.
Day 4: Yekaterinburg (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • Crossing The Ural Mountains, the train arrives around noon to the most famous capital of Ural, where Europe & Asia meet. 
  • Founded in 1723 by Czar Peter 1, the city is a testimony of the house where Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia and his family were assassinated in 1918, shot by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil war. Visit the city and the Church of the blood, in honor of all saints, a historic site and testament of Russia’s architecture. 
  • Resume the trip through Western Siberia rugged mountains.
Day 5: Novosibirsk (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • On the fifth day, you will reach Novosibirsk, heart of Siberia and Russia’s third largest city. 
  • You will be greeted with the traditional ceremony called “Bread and Salt”. 
  • Enjoy visiting the city located between the Ob and the Irtysh rivers, which makes it all worth the Trans-Siberian pit stop as it sits on the main rail line. 
  • Enjoy the special dinner menu of “the Tsars table” carefully cooked by the chefs on board. 
  • Night stay on board the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train
Day 6: On board the train (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • You spend this day on board. The train crosses the Yenisei River, through the wide forests to the uniform steppes and through typical beautiful villages & impressive landscapes of mountains. 
  • Enjoy the evening and the special dinner menu of “the Tsars table” carefully cooked by the chefs on board and paired with the traditional Vodka and red Caviar.
Day 7: Irkutsk (Night stay in a hotel)
  • Today the train arrives to Irkutsk, capital of Eastern Siberia and informally known as “Paris of Siberia” for its rich architecture and colorful streets. 
  • Visit the city and don’t miss seeing Siberia railroad construction commemoration Obelisk Irkutsk Russia statue. 
  • Stroll along the traditional “Datcha’s”, the wooden shacks and cottages and the local markets. 
  • After lunch, visit the Taltsey Museum of open air authentic 17 to 19 century wooden architecture, displaying information about the early settlements way of life. 
  • Hotel night stay in Irkutsk
Day 8: Lake Baikal (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • After breakfast, you will take the bus to the little town of Listvyanka on Lake Baikal (1:30 h drive). 
  • Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. 
  • You will take a boat ride to reach Port Baikal, across the lake where your train will meet you for boarding. 
  • You will be able to enjoy the scenic pleasurable view of the lake as the train will take a decelerated speed during 2 hours, ultimate advantage of taking the Tsar’s Gold and not normal trains. 
  • The train will halt for a few hours in Marituj and you will be able to have a quenching experience and enjoy the beauty of the lake.
Day 9: From Lake Baikal to Ulan-Ude and Mongolia (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • The train will continue at dawn, bordering the shores of Lake Baikal and through the magnificent Selenga River valley, passing wild mountains steppes of Eastern Siberia and reaching Ulan-Ude. 
  • Visit the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia. Resume the trip to reach the borders of Mongolia.
Day 10: Ulan Bator and Gandan Monastery (Aboard the Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train)
  • In the morning, you will reach Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. You can leave your luggage in your cabin. 
  • Tour the city and visits its main monuments such as the imposing Gandan Monastery and the Choijin Lama temple. 
  • You can also attend to a typical Mongolian folkloric show. 
  • Enjoy dinner at one of the best local restaurants. 
  • Night stay at a hotel in Ulan Bator or in a typical Mongolian Yurt (tent)
Day 11: Fascinating nature of the Mongolian steppe (Hotel stay of yurt)
  • Take the bus for an excursion in the Mongolian steppe and admire the impressive landscapes in Eastern Ulan Bator. 
  • Meet the natives living in tribes with herds of yaks and horses; check their traditional lifestyle and housing conditions. 
  • Enjoy the private show of archery, artistic horseback riding and wrestling. 
  • A picture perfect picnic lunch will be set for you. 
  • Return to the train, destination China.
Day 12: Crossing Gobi desert (Chinese train)
  • In the morning, you will cross Gobi desert with gravel plains and rocky outcrops. The train will make a short halt. 
  • Around noon, you will reach the Chinese border. Here you will say farewell to the Tsar’s Gold train and board a traditional Chinese train. 
  • In fact, the Trans-Siberian will not have the ability to continue the trip and that is due to a different railway size. 
  • You will board the Chinese train in Erlian which take 16 hours to reach Beijing. It is a modern and comfortable train but surely does not offer the Nostalgic, Bolshoi or Platinum cabins. 
  • It has cabins capacity of 2 or 4 persons. We cannot guarantee the availability of single cabins.
Day 13: Beijing (Hotel stay)
  • After observing impressive scenes of Chinese rural life, you will reach the famous city of Beijing. 
  • Hotel check-in 
  • Enjoy dinner at your own leisure
Day 14: Beijing (Hotel stay)
  • The city tour will take 4 hours. Visit the most renowned Beijing landmarks such as the temple of heaven and the Tiananmen Square or “the gate of heavenly peace” and other contemporary architectural masterpieces. In the afternoon, you will visit “The Forbidden City”, former seat of Imperial dragon throne from the Ming dynasty. It houses the Palace museum with ancient artifacts and mysterious temples. 
  • Enjoy dinner at your own leisure. 
  • Hotel stay in Beijing
Day 15: Beijing (Hotel)
  • Take the planned day trip to visit the most famous Great Wall of China, the world’s longest wall and considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. You will need to walk some distance in order to access the site. It is the longest man-made structure ever built; its length exceeds 6,000 km. 
  • On the way, you will visit a pearl factory and the sacred way of Ming tombs and the famous animal stone statues aligning the way, named as UNESCO World Site Heritage. 
  • In the evening, a farewell dinner will be held in a renowned good restaurant, famous for its Beijing duck. 
  • Hotel stay in Beijing
Day 16: Return flight
  • Breakfast and hotel transfer.
Dates of departure:
  • May 05, 2018 / June 28. 2018 / July 21, 2018 / August 16, 2018 / September 08, 2018
Price: 8,200 Euros per person in double cabin occupancy

Price includes:

  • On board stay on Tsar’s Gold, The Trans-Siberian train, in the category of your choice from Moscow until the Chinese border.
  • On board stay in the Chinese train from Erlian until Beijing (16 hours) in a comfortable cabin which does not offer cabin for 3, 4 or 5 persons and does not have showers.
  • 6 nights hotel accommodation: 1 night in Moscow, 1 night in Irkutsk, 1 night in Ulan Bator (or alternative stay in yurt) and 3 nights in Beijing.
  • Russian and Chinese visa fees through normal application process (Please check the details in our “Visas” section)
  • Meals according to the itinerary (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Group leader throughout the tour and French or English speaking tour guide (for a group of maximum 26 persons)
  • Sightseeing tours and excursions according to the itinerary, accompanied with local guides, transportation when applicable and entrance tickets for site visits
  • Porter services at all railway stations
  • Vodka and red Caviar tasting
  • Lake Baikal boat trip
  • Entertainment programs on board, including French or English lectures on the Trans-Siberian railway, regional geography, culture and history of the countries along the route
  • Doctor on board (from Moscow until the Chinese border)
  • Showers (when class cabin allows, please check the Tsar’s Gold cabin details section)
  • High season additional fees for departures in July & September
  • Additional fees for single occupancy in the hotels when applicable

Price excludes:

  • Travel insurance (Please check the “Visas” section)
  • Tips (Please check the “Frequently Asked Questions” of The Tsar’s Gold)
  • Airport transfers if your flight is not according to the itinerary (Please check the “Frequently Asked Questions” of The Tsar’s Gold)
  • Emergency expenses