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Paris, France
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Visit lebanon

Explore Lebanon, succumb to the charm of its contrasts and let yourself be tempted by its stunning scenery ...

Volver's amazing journey around the world 2017

Organized trip basic 10 persons
Best time to Go : Nov - dec

Organized trip basic 10 persons.
December 2015

Cultural Trips and events in Lebanon

Specializing in cultural trips, Volver enables you to get off the beaten track and discover another, more fascinating side of Lebanon through guided tours, temporary exhibitions, lesser-known historical sites and unique museums. The earnings from these excursions and visits go to the Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage, a non-governmental organization engaged in safeguarding and promoting the cultural and historical treasures of the country.

Wedding list and events

Want to organize your wedding in Lebanon or abroad: hotel reservation, excursions, transfers, parties, ideas ... please contact us. We work with teams of professionals to better advise you